Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Making

After a few days of travel
the sewing room needs to be dusted off.
The dust settled into mountains and hills of FIBER.

There are rivers of thread RUNNING across the floor.
There are FIELDS of fabric full of color!

How in the world did everything pile up
while I was away...
or so it SEEMS!

I think..... as I did my coming and going
I kept doing a little of this
and a little of THAT.
I was packing 
and unpacking.
Sewing little seams here and there.

THAT, my friends, is what it takes to make a big mess!

Good thing I have this JEWEL of a potholder
to show for ALL that mess!

ISN'T she sweet??

She IS a potholder..
but I imagine holding HOT lids will not be on her first agenda!

First, She needs hang up and be admired.
She needs to sing!
She needs to SHINE!

I'll be binding her today and singing along.

What are you up to this Monday Morning??
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  1. She needs to be made into a quilt, she's that pretty!

  2. I was gone all weekend and somehow my sewing room looks like yours. Love your striking hot pad.

  3. She is a beauty! I love how she shines.

  4. What gorgeous colors! She needs siblings.

  5. Great block and yes she should be admired rather than used! Thanks for linking up with us at #scraptastictuesday!


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