Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday Making

It's Sunday where I live.  ;)
Since spring break is HERE
I'm trying to get everything packed up for a little camping!
This post is just a little early.
Early is better than LATE, right??

I've been trying to keep a linky party
going over here on Mondays.
Just a little show and tell.
What are you working ON??

This little IN PROGRESS knitted blanket
will be my constant companion this week.
I might unpack my little sewing machine too...
It's so nice to camp in a trailer!
Let me tell you..
I did the whole TENT camping thing
for many years!!!
The best part about a trailer is the KITCHEN!!!
 A BIG bonus is the fact I can sew too!!!

What are YOU making this week??
If you LOVE making as much as I do...
I know you're working on SOMETHING!!!!


  1. We did the tent camping for so many years too so I know exactly what you mean! Have a fun time.

  2. Enjoy your camping. I think I'll stay in the studio instead. I can always take a walk around the back yard with the dogs! The blanket looks good. Must get back to my knitting too.

  3. Just found your link on Sue Daurios Quilting Adventure, looking forward to seeing some of the links!

  4. KITCHEN? Do you mean the grill?


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