Friday, March 27, 2015


The little quilt I showed on Monday is quilted!
I'm always super happy when a project is all DONE!
(That means I can give it AWAY!
The BEST part about quilting!)

This quilt is FULL of  happy scraps.
Some of these scraps have been waiting a LONG time
to be included....

Just a FEW of the little pieces that
NEEDED to be in a quilt!

Such sweet vintage fabric.

Since Ms. Juki was unavailable this week....
little Miss Featherweight did the quilting.
She buzzed right along like it was NO PROBLEM!

"A friend in need is a friend indeed".
Miss Featherweight proved her worth this week.


  1. What a little treasure, it's going to be loved.

  2. without a walking foot on a old singer like this do you get any pushing or pulling of the fabric that is noticeable when you are done?

    1. There weren't any noticeable problems quilting this. I used 505 spray adhesive and a straight stitch (bigger stitch length).

  3. It looks awesome! Must be really nice to finish a project and know it's going to bring someone lots if joy x

  4. Great little quilt. It will be a special gift for a little one.

  5. I loved it on Monday and now even more...such cheery scrappy fabrics...some little one will have a treasure to comfort..

  6. I love a scrap quilt. This one is no exception!

  7. So sweet, you and Ms Featherweight do good work!

  8. I do love a scrap quilt. This one is awesome!

  9. It's snowing here again and I was so down in the dumps until I visited you and saw this lovely creation of yours. Thanks for perking me right up!!!

  10. That's a beautiful quilt, and I love that you quilted it on Miss Featherweight!

  11. Miss Featherweight is worth her weight in gold! I was interested to read you had no problem with no walking foot. I may pull mine out for a little wall hanging I have ready to quilt. Thanks for the idea.


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