Monday, January 5, 2015


Hand Quilting usually takes me a long time.
It doesn't happen when I'm at HOME!

It happens when I'm in the car...
or sitting in waiting rooms...
or confined in a meeting...  :)

This sweet baby quilt, FILLED with little pieces of
someone ELSE's leftovers, is now D.O.N.E.
Thanks to a VERY long car trip.

I didn't wait to add some binding!
I added it the VERY night we got home!
Guess I was missing my sewing machine!

This baby quilt is small.
I pieced it about 6 years ago on ANOTHER family trip.
I was forced to USE WHAT I HAD!!

That's ONE thing I LOVE about quilting.
Not letting ONE little scrap go to waste!
Especially when they're CUTE little scraps.

This is a REAL use it UP quilt!
The little strips came to me in a small baggie.
OOooh! I LOVE little bags of SCRAPS!!!

Here's my NEXT "use it UP" quilt!!!
Also known as

Soft scraps.
Some SUPER sweet little baby prints!

Another quilt has BEGUN!!!


  1. That's some impressive hand stitching. Such even spacing. Did you premark the lines?

    1. I used blue painters tape. Once I marked the first two diagonal lines with a ruler to begin at home...I space the rest of the lines using the tape to mark as I go! Super easy

  2. That was going to be my question. I was wondering the same thing.
    Your little baby quilt is cute as a button. So soft and sweet. I love it. A new mother and little baby will love it too. Thank you for sharing pictures of your colorful scrappy : )

  3. It's a charmer! I like how you made those sweet candy calicos look so contemporary.

  4. Your hand quilting is beautifully neat do you use a hoop? X

  5. You really are in inspiration when it comes to playing with scraps and using them up! Wonderful stitching on your baby quilt.:)

  6. What a sweet quilt indeed! Those soft colors, and nothing beats hand quilting. I too love the feeling of using up scraps.

  7. Love scrap quilts. You always do such a good job.

  8. my favourites are also 'use it ups'.
    i love the baby quilt, it's gorgeous....and oh...hand quilted..... you are the saint then.

  9. such a pretty quilt! Did you mark the grid in some manner before you handquilted?

  10. It's a really pretty quilt. The hand quilting has added a complete new dimension.
    I rarely do hand quilting out of the house. It's probably because I use a large hoop that is difficult to manoeuvre.
    Teresa x

  11. Welcome home and kudos on that sweet baby quilt! It is so evenly quilted and your stitches look so pretty in that soft green. The binding that you've chosen is just right!

  12. Your hand quilting is so neat. Puts my machine quilting to shame. You are an inspiration!!!


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