Friday, December 12, 2014

Red and Green

I managed to make a star today.
Let me tell you....
Diamond shapes are a shape to be RECKONED with!

All those BIAS cut edges!
They like to MOVE.
It's great when you're trying to make a curved vine
with a bias STRIP.

NOT fine when you're trying to make a block
with lots of seams that need to match up.

I'm also at a disadvantage
because I'm using no pattern or template!
I"m trying to figure it out ON MY OWN!
I do this frequently.
I tear my hair out...
and wonder WHY?

How many blocks will I make?

I"ll probably keep going...
I LOVE this block!

By the time I make a FEW more
I"ll be an expert at DIAMONDS.

Here's hoping anyway!!!


  1. Oh WoW!!!!!
    Beth those stars are lovely!!!

  2. i`ve heard that starching the fabric before you cut it on the bias helps keep it in place, until you`ve sewn it together.... i`ve heard...

  3. Starch is your friend! I use non-aerosol Niagra for about $2.00 a bottle. I starch all my fabric before I cut it. With anything like bias edges, I am usually a bit more liberal with the starch. The non-aerosol Niagra doesn't flake like the stuff in a can.

  4. Look at all those MATCHING points! And you even have some y-seams. Impressive!!

  5. They look so pretty, but I can see where they would be tough.

  6. Hey, hey, hey, the second one looks dang near perfect, good job! and so very festive, too!

  7. Your blocks look great! I have EPP templates cut out for this block. Last summer I saw an antique quilt made with these blocks on vacation and want to make one square into a pillow as a reminder.


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