Friday, December 26, 2014

Just one

I made just one.
Just one is all hubby needs on his desk at work.
Why???? did it take me so long to think of making a small quilted coaster for him?
As I made ONE.....,
I had an idea!
How about making one every once in a while "Just because"?!
Will he mind crazy pink hearts donning his desk in February?


  1. very sweet!!
    pink hearts in february????? nope he couldn't mind that..... as long as you can "plant" it on his desk - before he gets to work on the 14th....
    Hope you had a great Christmas...

  2. It's wonderful! Now that's the size of project to hand quilt. :) I would be curious to hear if your husband would use a pink coaster with hearts on it. It's probably at least worth a try!

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  3. Cute, Beth. Around here people would probably never notice a change!!! LOL

  4. Legally he would only need to use it that one day, right?
    My hubs has had a paper pieced robin in a circular coaster for years that I made for him while I was making "boobs" for Mrs. Moen - she had a charity going for cancer patients. (Yes, I made him a pair. The other is a paper pieced lady bug) Lol


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