Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I brought a quilt top home today.
I felt sorry for it and knew I could find it a happy home. :)
It's laying on my floor screaming 1970!!
I don't mind the sound.

The vivid color has me wanting to scream along!

I'm going to leave it spread out.
The noise is making me happy!


  1. Love Love Looooove it!! the screaming is fine...Happy music for sure!! :) Someone will love it as well...and it will last forever!! Great find! (I would've rescued it too!)

  2. You are a better woman than I am, LOL! Now you go, girl! I'm still a hopeless fabric snob; not a people snob, but, yes, a fabric snob.

  3. My grandma could have made this quilt -- except hers were always pastel. :) This is what I thought quilting was for years... I remember her complaining once that she had to go to Goodwill to get polyester clothes to cut up, since the fabric store didn't sell it anymore. This was in the 90s! I received the last quilt she made before passing away, for my 18th birthday.

  4. My 3 sons would fight over the "bulletproof" polyester quilt that my grandmother made. I think in part because it was made with "manly" colors - navy, maroon, dark brown, dark green, and purple. It was simple squares that were tied in the corner with yarn. My grandfather worked at the mills in Burlington, NC and would bring home scraps. That's what a lot of our quilts were made out of.

  5. I'm sure I would have done the same, and I'm also sure that you are going to find it a good home.
    Teresa x


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