Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Red Chair

I DO like chairs.
I like the kind you sit in
and I like the kind you can make with fabric!
I realized as I pieced this newest RED chair
that I have a collection!
It's bigger than I thought.
I searched my blog using the search word  CHAIR
and came up with QUITE a few.
Here's a sampling:
Here, Here and Here.

I've finished basting
and now I get to PLAY with embroidery thread!
This is going to be a real simple quilt.
Sometimes beauty is in simplicity.

Here's another chair quilt.
This one hangs near my laundry room.
I call it my coffee break quilt.
There's a little coffee cup, a book,
slippers and pot of flowers.
I'm off to get a cup RIGHT now.
Had my brisk walk.
Did some sewing.
It's that time of day.
come on over.
do you take cream?
**linking up with freshly pieced today**


  1. Love your chairs! How fun.
    I'd love a cuppa - neat.

  2. I don't usually go for pictorial quilts but your red chair really caught my eye! Love your coffee break quilt might've converted me! :)

  3. Love the whimsy of these quilts! What fun.

  4. Your chairs are like paintings. They're wonderful, I can see why you have made a few.


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