Monday, May 5, 2014

Christmas quilt along - month 5

My Christmas quilt doesn't look a whole lot different today.
But it is.
The pieces are now all TOGETHER!
If you are joining me in making this quilt...
this month is just a get it together month.
I like having an ODD number of trees.
If you only have three trees...
use this month to make a couple more.
Remember though...
This quilt is YOURS.
I'm only giving you PROCESS instructions.
The rest is UP TO YOU!
I spent some time today RE-making a couple of trees.
They're still not perfect.
That's o.k.
I don't make perfect quilts.
And ....
I've come the conclusion.
I never will.

When putting the pieces together
I think in COLUMNS.
First I added that white piece on the left of the house.
The columns need to be the SAME width...
but the height measurement can wait.
The center house block height/length is your AIM.

Adding white background pieces to fill in the spaces
is fairly simple IF you just cut them a BIT Bigger and trim down as you go.

Here are my columns ALL READY to be sewn together.
The column on the right is not QUITE pieced.

Now it is.
And it's DONE!!!
My quilt (so far) measures 45"x29"
I plan to add TWO more elements.
Three snowflakes in the upper left.
and then a SIMPLE border.
Hoping to get the quilt pieced early enough
for all of us to get done in PLENTY of time for the holidays.
Thank you for playing along with ME on this one!
I am also dreaming about a little bit of
SLOW quilting.
Wouldn't this look great with some red and green THREAD?
BIG stitches.....
Here and there......
Fun to think about!
I will give you the opportunity to SHARE about YOUR quilt
next week.
Let's have a LINKY party next Monday!
Share just one tree...
Maybe you're ALL caught up????


  1. Hi!!!! Thanks Beth!!!! This has been fun and I appreciate it all!!!!! I am not all caught up but will get it done!!!!

  2. I will have a play with mine through the week,,like Carla says, it's been fun! Thanks.

  3. That is really going to look wonderful, Beth.

  4. Wonderful holiday quilt! Looking really good.:)

  5. Sweet, I did not do this one but I can see it finished with some big stitch quilting. Adorable!

    Happy Sewing

  6. I love this, i plan on making a Christmas quilt every year but somehow it never happens! and i never make perfect quilts either but I always enjoy the process


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