Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Homemade weekend

It is SO satisfying living a homemade life.
I love using the things I make
and eating the food my husband grows.
The past weekend was FULL of homemade over here.
We ate outside on the thrifted table cloth
that began life as a shower curtain.

I Pickled the beets from my husband's garden.

I also ate a few blueberries off the bush he has on the patio.
It's the PERFECT snacking tree!

Living a homemade life is also knitting between things.
between cooking.
between computer.
during computer...??
while waiting for school buses....
During picnics talking with friends.....
I love getting a FEW more stitches in!

During the picnic this weekend
We used the scrappy patriotic quilt....

that shows how much we LOVE using it!

We used my Homemade picnic bag.
It's FUN to USE the things we make.
Isn't it?

It's not as much fun to CLEAN.
Long weekends are good for that too.
at my house.

Homemade also means GREAT containers!
I saw this at the thrift store
and knew I'd find SOMETHING
to fit inside.
Are you living homemade too?


  1. There is a sun dapple on your shower curtain/tablecloth that looks like a butterfly!
    You two do everything -- well, except dye your own fabric with your home-grown beet juice. ;-)
    You are amazing!

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one who knits at the computer, but then again I knit everywhere!

  3. I try to live homemade as much as possible. Today I made pillow cases from thrift store sheets. It is very satisfying.

  4. more my mission in the near future..... when i don't have to be at work all day long....
    soon.....real soon.....

  5. Not as much as I'd like to.:)

  6. Living homemade is so satisfying! It makes everything more meaningful.
    Teresa x

  7. Nothing better than walking from room to room and seeing homemade wherever I house or some one else's! Such a feeling of love and warmth and I feel that whenever I stop by here for a visit. Love everything you make and do! Always nice and cozy and full of life, love, and quilting fun!

  8. what kind of blueberry is that? I was thinking of adding a container blueberry to my garden-
    does it produce well? how easy is it to care for? I love love love my blueberries and would love to have some planted here.

    1. My husband's the gardener. I don't know what kind of blueberry bush and I don't think it's hard to care for. It produces just enough for me to eat a few each day when they're IN season. :)


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