Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Half Hexagons

Another quilt is coming together.
Woo HOo!!!

I think one of the hardest parts of making a quilt...
is cutting all the pieces!
for ME...
trying to get all the pieces the exact SAME size!
I think I'll always struggle with THAT.

I cut strips 2 3/4" wide

and used my OLD FRIEND (60 degree line on my ruler)
I cut a diagonal line every 3"
(using the TOP of the hexagon as my 3")
to make each half hexagon.

It's ALL coming together.
In fact....

The OLD and NEW fabrics in my stash
are working remarkably WELL together!!!
That REALLY old turquoise floral print up there
looks perfect with that golden modern print.

Even some DATED gray/blue fabric
has found a good home in this quilt!!!
This quilt also contains a lot of fabric given to me
as gifts by a friend.
That makes it extra SPECIAL!

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