Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas quilt along

As I blogged about beginning a Christmas quilt a couple of weeks ago...
I asked YOU to join me in a quilt along.
It was a passing thought.
Then it was DONE DEAL!!!
If you're along for the RIDE....

I will NOT be giving EXACT cutting instructions.
I will be showing you how I construct blocks
 using a FREE and EASY approach.
I hope that you will join me.
Ask questions...please.....
and LEARN something new!
The above photo is my work in progress.
I will take you through the steps to make YOUR OWN house
next Monday!
I posted the first tree here if you want to begin.
I hope to post a step the FIRST monday of EACH month.
I"m hoping every quilt will be similar.....
Can't wait to see YOURS!

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