Friday, January 10, 2014

Something for me and you

I sat down yesterday and did a little sewing.
It was SO simple to sew this little pin cushion up.
I don't need another pin cushion..
I LOVE my sewing machine.
It just HAD to be MADE!!!

I used two PRE-cut 5" squares.

for a front and a back.

This is the fabric my little sewing machine came from.
The sewing machine was hand appliqued on the front
BEFORE putting the two squares together.

Then I filled my pin cushion with
crushed walnuts
and slip stitched the opening closed.
SUCH a simple project!!!

I have some extra sewing machine fabric
if you'd like to make one for yourself!!!
Leave a comment.
I'll choose 3 winners next week
and send them a small piece of the sewing machine fabric.
Tell me ONE of your goals for this year!!

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