Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This and that

This quilt top is put together with bits and pieces.
This and That.
Colorful squares.
Happy stars.
Flying Geese!
Lots of RANDOM orphan blocks.
I'll quilt it simply and send it OFF!!
This is the kind of quilt
that gives me peaceful thoughts
when the world is CRAZY!
Family life has been BUZZING over here.
I was happy to have a few orphans
to put together.
They kept my mind OFF of the "busy"
and ON to "thinking of OTHERS".
You know what?
In the daylight...
I'm not so SURE about this quilt.
IT's not a real COHESIVE bunch of blocks.
It's done.
All those happy squares are together.
out of it!!!
Here's some of the busy at my house!!!

Soccer Season just begun
Dad is COACH.
See that loving look she gives him?
So sweet.

Nothing like a birthday to make ME feel older!!
It's not even MINE!!!
My third child turned 23!!
She was 2 just yesterday.

And granddaughter is almost 2!!!!
Aye yi yi!!!
(How do you spell that???)

Almost everyone made it to the birthday brunch.

These two are MOVING north
in TWO weeks!
Kids are BUSY.
Kids are growing UP!
They're flying away.....
They're making PLANS!
That scrappy quilt gave me
the SEWING THERAPY I need!!!
Hope it gives a young one
the COMFORT they NEED!!!

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