Monday, September 23, 2013

Last day

Today is the last day
of our little sewing museum linky party.
I was surprised that so many of you
posted about old machines!

Goes to show how MUCH we love them...right?
I have a few old pieces of fabric.
Vintage towels.

and napkins.
These older pieces of fabric intrigue me.

This is a super old "SNIPPET" of a quilt.

I can open it up and see the blue foundation fabric
and the OLD batting!
These are pieces of TIME past
that I can TOUCH!

This is SUPER OLD.
Wish I knew more about old fabric!

It's THIN...thin...thin....

Another piece that was in the same package.
I purchased these at a thrift store a while back.
They have holes.
They're useless.
BUT to me they are
Wish I could hear their story!!!
Thanks for linking up
and adding your treasures
to our little

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