Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Solo Swooning

I needed some THERAPY sewing after
the WHIRLWIND of the last few days!
busy. busy. busy!!!
It was a GOOD busy.
ONE of the things I did was meet up with a blog friend!
What fun!
Guess what?
Mary is JUST as fun and sweet
as she is on her blog.
We could have talked a LOT longer than we did!
We're just going to have to do it AGAIN!!!
This is a nice BIG orphan block.
You'll all recognize it as a SWOON block.
I didn't want to make any more swoons...

I made some twosies...

and some foursies....

and began WORKING around that lovely swoon!!!
Not sure how many times I'll go around!!!
I sure like what I'm seeing SO FAR!
The quilter who gave me this orphan block
 was working with a 3 1/2" grid.
So........I'm working with 3 1/2" squares
and a colorful 3 1/2" wide border!!!
I don't even have to do any MATH!!!
Just the right kind of quilt for me!!!
I'm hoping to donate this one
to a great quilt gathering going on over at
It's always good to have a goal.

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