Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The next size up

I was Wondering....
What if I began with 6" squares
instead of 5" charm squares like my last quilt??
Found out....
It's Fiddly.
I ended up trimming my scrappy 2 1/2" squares to 2 3/8".
Not sure I want to do that for a whole quilt.
I've never been of FAN of any 1/8th inches!!!
I have a hard enough time with 1/4 inches!!!
We'll see.
I DO want to use some 6" scrappy squares.
I DO have a FEW.....(cough, cough..sputter, sputter...)

Here's a little more info on the above block.
Mostly 2 3/8" squares
plus 2 3/8"x4 1/4" creams
Make TWO of these.
Trim to 6".
Find two 6" scrappy squares.
Add 2 3/8"x 6" sashing
with a small 2 3/8" square right in the middle!!!
***Emily over at Em's Scrapbag interviewing me today
about SCRAPS!!!
My favorite kind of FABRIC!!!!
She's got a great lineup of guests.
ALL of them talking about SCRAPS!
Hop on over to Em's blog
and say HI!

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