Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Class giveaway

It's almost September......
and all of my kiddos
are heading back to class this week.
I took a class too!!!
How to make a SEVEN blade fan block.
Also known as...
an Amish Buggy Wheel.
The class is Online.
No tests!
Even better...
NO grades!!!
There are many classes available online these days.
This was a first for me.
I was offered a class
so that I could give a quick review
AND also
 to give a class AWAY!
I was reminded in the class
to SLOW down!
Concentrate on 1/4" seams...
and PIN. PIN. PIN!!!
I need ALL the reminding I can GET!
Since there were two people
sewing/teaching together in the video class...
It never got boring.
There was a nice give and take
as they gave instruction.
I chose this class because it is based on
a BEAUTIFUL antique quilt.
Here's a little video advertisement
about this "SCHOOL" for crafters.
There's also a GREAT review of the video classes here.
Alyce did an excellent job giving LOTS of details
about the craft videos!
Let me know if YOU'D like to win a class of your OWN!
Leave a comment.
I'll let Mr. Random Generator help me
choose a winner THIS Saturday.

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