Wednesday, August 28, 2013

birds and spiders

I'm a finisher.
(Don't misunderstand...
I DO have UFO's at my house....It's just that...
they PREY on my mind...
and I TRY hard to get them done!)
 I finish quilts that I didn't even BEGIN!
This is a scrappy quilt that I've been working on
bit by bit when camping in my trailer.
I FINISHED getting the blocks together last week!
All it needed was a border...
and I DIDN'T have border fabric WITH me!

This is how it all began.
With this BOX sent to me early in the year.
The box was EASY to pack and carry when camping.
I'd love to give credit to the quilter who STARTED this quilt.
I'm pretty SURE who sent it...
but don't want to be WRONG!
Are you like that too??
My brain does NOT cooperate sometimes.
My poor memory is faulty.

She sent scraps and papers.
Half finished blocks....
Lots of PURPLE.
I'm not a purple fan...
but I used the purple.
HAPPY that I did!

I've always wanted to make a spiderweb quilt
and THIS was my CHANCE!
I'm SOooo happy with the border fabric I had!
I LOVE it!
In my humble opinion...
It ties the WHOLE quilt together!

You can see I didn't have quite enough....
so I added some polka dots.
Polka dots make EVERYTHING better!
Does it matter that ALL the spider web edges don't match?
I figure that's just part of the process
when you're finishing someone else's quilt!

This is a finish.
It won't get to go on ANY more trips with me.
Technically it's NOT a finish...
because it's not quilted.
I always call a quilt top a finish!
The quilt top can be folded up
and saved for a rainy day!
It'll be almost READY to GIVE away!
SO much easier to STORE!

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