Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to

A couple of you asked for some instruction on this block.
I'm using a charm pack
and LOTS of little 2" scraps.

It begins here.
2" little squares
 a couple of 2" x 3 1/2" strips of white.
You can see I've added some of the dimensions
on the picture...
but I got frustrated with "paint" on the computer
and left some BLANK.
I'm SURE there's a BETTER way!
Technology and I have NEVER been

When sewn together it should measure 5".

I ALWAYS need to trim mine a bit!

Here you go!
It's always nice to add some SPICE to a charm pack!
The white strips between are all 5" x 2"

Here's my block.
It should measure 11".
There are a myriad of ways YOU could use this block.

This is how I think I'll be piecing mine together.
See how I'm adding more 5" x 2" strips
and 2" scraps
between blocks???
*****For you EAGLE eyes out there....
Did you notice the blue cutting board on TOP of the green???

It's time for a NEW cutting board!!!!
I LOVE my BIG green one.
the BLUE one is not big enough for ME!!
Do you think I might do a little sewing???
How about
A LOT!!!!
That's your REALITY picture for the DAY!!!

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