Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looms and dogs

Another project on my Rigid Heddle loom!
I began with a variegated yarn. It took 2 skeins
because I'm making this EXTRA long.
It wasn't quite wide enough for me...
so I also added a pale blue to the left side there.
Hoping to cut this project in half and join the sides
to make a baby blanket.
Here's a link to my inspiration!
I'm skipping the crotchet part.
This is a FIRST...
so I'm not sure how it's going to work.
That's how you learn.....right????

I had the white yarn
and LOTS of old leftover balls of yarn to use.
I'm trying to sneak the colors in between the white
 to give this blanket some color.
Having fun
and LEARNing as I go!

Tried to get my OLD dog Pretzel on a quilt
for the annual Pets on Quilt show.
Didn't quite work.
He's old
Wasn't IN THE MOOD to sit OR lay on a quilt
Thank you very much!!!!

That's o.k.
I can lay the quilt ON TOP of him!

He doesn't seem to mind THAT!

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