Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcoming SUMMERtime

One week withOUT a machine!
It was a challenge...
but I managed to keep myself PRODUCTIVE.
These pre-printed embroidery blocks
had some QUALITY time with me!
I love how they're coming out!
I use them in a scrappy quilt
using some fun 30's reproductions.
Nine patch blocks?
Half square triangles???
I get to dream about that one!
We'll see how many more vacations it TAKES
to get them ALL done!

This GORGEOUS yarn also
spent time
with my CROCHET hook...

Resulting in a YUMMY scarf...
that I couldn't WEAR because it's SUMMERTIME!
I'm going to wear it AS SOON as the weather turns cool!
I LOVE it!

Had a GREAT week with FAMILY and friends.
What a wonderful way to begin the summer!
It was extra special having my niece along
to help out with the younger one during her class time!
I'm Feeling blessed tonight.

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