Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My own room

I'm showing it off today...
because it may NEVER be this clean again!!!
This is where I work.
This is where I sing along with the radio...
where I HIDE out when I need some alone time. ;)

This isn't so neat...
but it works.

Behind my machine is an extra bed.
Kind of nice to have a quilt on display ALL the time, right?
It's been covered with this and that...
so i don't usually SEE the quilt!!!
It's also nice to have some walls for my art quilts.
I haven't managed to figure out a design wall yet.
Maybe I'll continue using the floor in the living room!
Some of you may know....
I haven't had this little room for long!
But I have TAKEN over!
I've been enjoying the fact that almost
EVERYthing I need is in ONE room
and not under 4 beds, a cupboard in the family room
behind the sofa!

There is also a nice big closet!
Some of it holds winter wear...
but I have the majority
and NO!
I'm not opening the doors today!
Things might FALL OUT!

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