Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Finish

I can't take credit for making this WHOLE quilt.
It all began with a whole bunch of orphans
given to me by another quilter.
Thank you Cathy!!!!
I made some scrappy blocks to match.....
I figured out how to lay them out...
Since there weren't QUITE enough for a quilt,
I added a BLANK slate in the middle.
I WILL take credit for the center applique.
Isn't it great?
Getting the colors just right was the hardest part!

I had a green floral for the backing
and some yellow for the binding.

See all that quiting??
I don't usually quilt this heavily...
but the center seemed to be CALLING for it!!!

This, my friends, is a  REAL scrappy quilt.
Lots of little HAPPY pieces of fabric.
and NEW.
and LIGHT.

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