Saturday, February 16, 2013

You asked

Some of you wondered about my loom.
You wondered what the process looks like.
This one's for YOU!

This is the cotton crotchet thread I used this time.
A nice varigated green/blue/tan.

I warp it onto my loom
following the simple instructions
in the little book that came with my loom.

I began at the end with a small bit of cream crotchet thread.
I think it gives my table runner a nice finish.
I ended with the same.
The comb there is used to push the yarn/thread tighter
as I go along.
The picture above shows the loom resting on my knees
as it leans against the table.
I could buy a stand....
but this takes up LESS space in my home this way.

Then..... I make my RAG YARN.
1 1/4" strips of fabric.

I make a whole bunch!
Lots of greens, tans and whites were chosen.
I sew them together to make
a LONG piece of "YARN".
As I run out...
I make some more!
I wrap it around my shuttle
folding in half as I go.

In and out
Back and forth.
Pushing each row down as I go....
That's weaving in a nutshell.

This is the beautiful results!

I LOVE it!

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