Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little Trivet

I know you've seen yo-yo's
 and Yo-yo quilts.
Have you seen
STUFFED yo-yo's??
They are practical little things!
I attached them all together by hand....
and decided they make a very nice
RETRO-vintage- quirky-trivet.

The back side.
The front.
Five by Five.
All ready for dinner!!!
This project begins with a 3 1/2" circle
with a running stitch all around.

I cut FOUR little pieces of batting.

Layered them INSIDE
and pulled it closed with the thread
making a nice TIGHT knot to hold it closed
One little STUFFED YO-YO
only 24 more to go!

Put them in rows....
hand stitching the sides.

It works!

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