Friday, February 8, 2013

Nice pile o' quilts

Four lovely charity quilts....
Finally quilted!!!!

This was the stack BEFORE!
So nice when a job is DONE!
Technically...I have ONE more to finish and quilt.
Don't hold your breath.
I'm calling it done for now.

Here's the first orphan block quilt.
It's laying on my backyard...
where almost EVERY quilt picture takes place!!!

When I ask helpers to hold the quilts...
there's always a RUSH to get the picture taken...
so the holder can get on to other things!!!

The grass doesn't complain or rush me at all!!!

Love the pretty floral on the back of this one.
It was a nice big piece handed down to me
from a 90+ year old friend.

Here's the third quilt using all YOUR orphans!

This one was quilted by a quilting friend.
Nice to have many hands when there's a BIG job!!!

We've even added a little LOVE to this one!!!!
I'm sending these off
to Equilter!!!
Looks like they're still collecting quilts
for Hurricane Sandy victims!!!
I was a bit worried that by the time
I finished these quilts....
the call for quilts would have PASSED!!!
So glad I made it!!!
and look at this!!.....
These arrived this week from Norece!
More orphans needing a home
in a
Thanks to EVERYONE who sent orphans my way.
Orphans make such HAPPY quilts!!!!
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  1. Love your orphan quilts! A little baby and doggie love on them, too! How wonderful.

  2. Such a richness of kindness and glorious colour............well done gal and I especially loved the one with furry and baby!!

  3. Okay, you wind "Most Awesomest Quilter" of the link party for me! These are amazing! Bless you, bless you and evermore blessings for doing this!

  4. That is awesome!!! Congratulations on the finishes.

  5. Fabulous job---I'm so glad they're going to the Hurricane Sandy people---they have another huge hit headed at them right now. :)

  6. What sweet quilts that I'm sure will be treasured!!

  7. What a great stack of hugs and comfort. Thank you for being so generous with your time.

  8. What a great cause and a wonderful accomplishment! I really like every one of them!

  9. You've created such beautiful quilts with those orphan blocks. They're colourful and fun and will make whoever receives them very happy!

  10. Way cool! You've got a talent for putting orphans together in a pleasing way. :)

  11. They are absolutely beautiful, Beth! Whoop whoop for you!!!