Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Things

Erin is collecting blocks to make some quilts.
If you'd like to help...
please visit her blog and make a few!
We can ALL do a little something to
HELP out!!!!

I saw my quilt hanging in HOUSTON!!!
I'm not there...
I happened to see it
on the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative's

It was fun to make...
and I hope the NEW owner will love it
as much as I do!!!

My black in white quilt is in Houston as well!!!
It's part of a black and white exhibit.
(This picture was taken at the Long Beach show.
I can't believe it's the ONLY picture I have of this quilt!)
I'm sewing with friends today.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Love the blue chair! So cute...and for such a good cause. What a nice picture of you and your black & white quilt! Enjoy your sewing day! Peace.....

  2. Little bits of you, Beth, are out there giving others JOY! Good Job.

  3. Sewing with friends is the best! I love both those quilts, but the little one tugs at me!

  4. That blue chair makes me smile! Congratulations on having two of your quilts in Houston. Thanks for the link to Erin's website. Working on some blocks to send her.

    Barbara Amorin

  5. So cool to have your quota out there inspiring others! Thanks for giving the link to my blog. The response has been fantastic!

  6. Oh what fun! It must be so exciting to see them hanging. Congratulations.

  7. the blue chair is great - congrats on being part of Houston - exciting!


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