Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3rd Annual Neighborhood party!

It's that time again!
Time to celebrate this AWESOME neighborhood
I call "Blogland"!!!
It's a GREAT place to own property.
Getting the blog address is fairly easy.
Neighbors are friendly.
There are even some FAMOUS people
that "live" here!
It's a place to connect.
A place to make friends.
A place to SHARE!!!
If you're interested in CELEBRATING
All you need to do is construct one house block.
12 1/2" square.
Send the block to me.
I will group the houses into neighborhoods
and THEN....
I'll let Mr. random generator help me choose some winners!!!
The winners will receive
9-12 houses each...
Kind of depends on how many come in!

Here are the houses from two years ago....
(seems like yesterday!!)
all SPREAD out in my house!!!
If you'd like to play along,
leave a comment.
I will email you my address.
There are NO firm commitments here.
If you decide later NOT to sew a little house...
That's o.k.....Life happens..... ;)
Add your blog address on the front.
That makes it fun for the winners!!!
Deadline for these houses is
JANUARY 1, 2013.
LOTS of time!!!
Send an extra house for a charity quilt!
(this is totally OPTIONAL)
I will be constructing these and
giving quilts to those in need.
There are LOTS of quilts needed
in the aftermath of SANDY!
You could send any 12 1/2" orphan block
for these charity quilts!!
They don't ALL have to be houses.
I'm excited!
This will be the best PARTY ever!!!!
I look forward to
CELEBRATING blogland with YOU!!!
Please include email address if you are
a no reply blogger,
if you have no blog...
or are unsure!


  1. I would like to move to a neighborhood!!!

  2. WooHoo I'm in again. It'll be great fun adding my blog's named after my house!

  3. Oh terrific! I'm in, this will be my third year joining the neighborhood. Sure I'll send some extra blocks too.

    Happy Sewing

  4. YEH!!! I'm in for the third time . Thanks Beth...
    I am sure I can find a few orphans too.

  5. I've been looking forward to this. This will be my second year. Count me in.

  6. Yes! I've been waiting all year to come to the party second this year....count me in too!

  7. I would love to join the neighborhood. Count me in!

  8. I want to do this! The last time I really wanted to, but it wasn't a good time for me, so I didn't. This time, I'm in!

  9. I'd love to move in... and I'm sure I have an orphan or two. Sue in mid Mi

  10. I am going to really make one this year!! Christmas just overwhelms me!

  11. I'll try, Beth! I love doing this, just a little overwhelmed at the moment - but I bet I'll have time before the end of the year!!

  12. I'm in again, Beth. This should be another fun one.

  13. IM in. Maybe this year I'll be intime even. Pretty sure that I have some orphans around too.

  14. Yep.... I'm in....
    i have your address...

  15. i keep telling you amaze me!!!

  16. Count me in!! I'll send extra too, once I start making houses it's hard to stop.

  17. Count me in again. I'm sure I have some orphan blocks too.

  18. Count me in too , I love house blocks and might have some orphan blocks too.

  19. WOW! Here I am! I'll send you the house block....and some other orphan blocks too!

  20. count me in on the fun! thanks beth!!

  21. I'm IN! And what a great idea to make an 'extra' for charity! A HOME quilt for those that lost theirs! Need your address. NOW I'm off to dump the scraps and PLAY!!!

  22. Are you waiting till January 1st also for the charity quilt?, I am sure I have some random blocks or could put some together also.

  23. Hi Beth I'm "in the neighborhood" and excited about building my house. I don't have a blog.

  24. I did enjoy the making last year... Already have your addy if it's the same as last year.

  25. Hi Beth, Count me in. I really enjoyed this last time :)

  26. I'm in! I think it is my turn to win! I already have your address.

  27. I enjoyed making last year's house. I lost your address. Sorry. I want to make a house block for your charity quilt. Thank you for making it possibility for me to help you do this : )

  28. I would love to join in the party. I am new to your blog, via Sarah C's blog. Will need a mailing address. Joanne

  29. hi Beth: I've finished my block and posted it today, and I was wondering if you want my blog address on the front of the block.

  30. Count me in. It sounds like lots of fun.

  31. Can't resist, this sounds like fun! And I like the Charity idea as well. Really appreciate the January 1st deadline... I'm a first timer!

  32. I'd love to participate. GREAT idea. And I will definitely send an orphan block or two! Thanks!

  33. Beth I sent my House block today along with some orphan blocks. They are not all 12 1/2" sorry. did not read the post properly....

  34. I love to join :D
    I love this idea :D

  35. I'd like to send you some house blocks.

  36. Hi Beth , just to let you know my house block along with some orphan blocks went out in the mail yesterday , hopefully they won't take forever to get there . Sheila in Nova Scotia

  37. Replies
    1. Please send me your address so I can get my blocks in the mail. Thanks.

  38. Please send me your address so I can send these orphan blocks to you.
    Merry Christmas and love that first quilt you showed.

  39. Hi! I found this post during my Christmas break and would like to send you 2 house blocks. I have them ready for the mail... Thanks, Cat


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