Sunday, September 9, 2012

Party TIME! Scrappy Style!

It's HERE!
A super scrappy Party!!!!

A DUMP and SEW party!!!

I bet you have a BIN or two of scraps.
LOL!! :0

In fact....I KNOW you do!!!

This is a LINKY party.
There are no rules.
I don't really like rules much.....
especially when it comes to QUILTING!!!

Link up with a post about
YOUR dump and SEW project(s)!

What's a DUMP and SEW?
It's dumping some scraps
and making something out of them!
Simple. As. THAT!

Tell your friends!
The MORE the merrier!!!


  1. I am catching up on your blog (one of my FAVORITES!) while sipping a mocha at a Starbucks in a mall in Atlanta while I wait for a business dinner, and I realized - I never made a dump and sew project to share! And I'm on the road until September 21! I'm so bummed to have missed this! But I will certainly enjoy seeing what you and the others create and post. Thanks for maintaining such an inspiring blog!

  2. Would like to join this, but I don't know how to link I'll just have my own little party here. Am dying to try using up years if solid scraps!

  3. I've got the dumping part to make sense of what I have sown together :0). Of course it would help if I had a some time at home this summer..we'll see what I can come up before I leave for Gwen's retreat this week :0)

    Happy Sewing


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