Friday, September 7, 2012

Dump and Sew

Our Dump and Sew linky party is NEXT WEEK!!!
Today, I thought I'd share with you
some of the quilts I've made over the last couple of years
Using this tried and TRUE method.
Dumping the scraps is EASY!!!
Sometimes they come from friends in a bag....
Sometimes You find them in your stash!!!
Quite frequently.....they are leftover strips.
The quilt above is just strips.
Happy strips!!!

And this one used leftovers from someone else's project!
I actually paid about 50 cents for this bag of scraps!
What can I say???
I liked the colors!!!
IT went together SO FAST because I did
VERY LITTLE cutting!!!
You can see.... I even pieced the outside border!

I made this one a long time ago.
Crazy quilts are dump and sew quilts...
don't you think??

Just choose a center and begin sewing scraps on!

In this quilt I focused on pink...
but added some other colors to perk it up!!!
If you're going to dump...
it's O.K. to be a little choosy about the colors you sew together!

Even my corduroy quilt used this method.
The pieces I had were bigger...
and I did a LITTLE bit of cutting.
I made some blocks with large strips
and then cut them diagonally
to get those triangle shapes.

This is one of my quilty treasures.
An old potholder.
This is definitely a dump and sew project.
I LOVE this one!

And here's MY attempt!

A baby quilt using this and that.

A blue quilt using square foundations.

Another BLUE quilt!
I love this one!!!

And last but not least.....
A baby quilt using any happy colors
that fell out of the bag!!!!
Looking forward to seeing
dump and sew quilts next week!!!!
Linky party begins Monday
and will last ALL week!
September 10-15!
See you THERE!


  1. You stagger me, my dear! I know that you do MUCH more than solely sit at your sewing machine -- I cannot believe how much you get done!

  2. What a wonderfully, fun quilt show of dump quilts - cannot wait for the link up.

  3. I love all these scrap quilts. You are so talented, Beth!

  4. Can't wait...I'll be dumping and sewing this weekend in anticipation!

  5. What a very freeing experience to see your repertoire of dump quilts! I think I must play along with you! Thanks!

  6. I love those quilts. You have inspired me

  7. Ahhhh true art......

    and you see ^ anonymous ^ said what i keep inspire me!!!


  8. Seriously scrappy! What fun quilts you always make.

  9. They all look so pretty. It is amazing what you can do with scraps.

  10. Wonderful quilts! I wanted to let you know that my daughter turned 18 today but has to spend 12 hours at the U going thru orientation. We were going to take her out to dinner but she said she would be too tired and all she would want is chocolate. I whipped up your chocolate cake recipe for her birthday cake. It smells wonderful and it CAME OUT OF THE PAN perfectly!!! Thanks!

  11. Today I dumped a full container of two and a half inch strips onto my dining table so I could dig out the shortest ones to sew! Sadly, however, I ate up all the dump cake I made several days ago!


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