Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Too much

Perhaps you thought my ONLY Problem was
too much FABRIC!!!
You perhapsed WRONG!
(these cucumbers represent only
ONE morning's harvest!)
Never fear!!!!....
It' not ALL healthy eating over here!

I'm indulging in the VERY last piece of cake!!!
I added a cup of coffee and
FORGOT all of my troubles.
Chocolate cake...My favorite.
1 box chocolate cake mix
1 (4 1/2 oz) box instant chocolate pudding
1 Cup sour cream
1/2 Cup oil
1/2 Cup warm water
4 eggs
combine above.
1 Cup chocolate chips
Bake in a bundt pan
at 350 degrees
for ONE hour.
(it usually is done before that in my oven)


  1. This cake looks and sounds delicious! I have a family party to go to at the end of the month, so I guess I know what I can bring :)

  2. YUM---I'll have some of BOTH please :D

  3. Cuc's look great as does the cake - thanks for the recipe!!

    speaking of....for the cucs


  4. I love choc cake. Thanks for the recipe : )

  5. That cake looks wonderful. And the cuc's too.

  6. That's our go to recipe for chocolate cake too! I am envious of your cucumber harvest. Mine just shriveled up and died during this summer of no rain. I can water till the cows come home, but only rain will make my garden thrive.

  7. I love this recipe. My daughter used to make this chocolate cake and like you said, it was gone before you knew it. Yum!

  8. Now that sounds like some seriously rich chocolate cake!
    I'm sure you don't get the last piece very often......yummy.

    Happy Sewing

  9. You need to come up with a cucumber cake recipe, though that choclate cake would be hard to beat, it sounds wonderful!!

  10. sounds like you need to google a pickle recipe to use up those cukes! you can google while you indulge in another piece of cake. its ok! LOL
    what? You need to make another one? thats ok too!


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