Monday, April 23, 2012


Another baby quilt has been quilted and given!
Woo Hoo!

I thought I'd be mailing this one...
but when I found out the new mommy and baby were in town...
I dropped if off and was able to get a BIG HUG!!!!

Isn't that why YOU quilt???  :0
The babies, weddings and graduations
JUST KEEP comin'!!!!!

And my scrap bin just....
Keeps GROWIN'!!!!!

I tried to do a little sorting last night...
and someone at MY HOUSE
thought it was PICTURE worthy!!!
I don't know....
I bet there are OTHER people with BIG scrap bins too!
Aren't there?????


  1. How great you got to deliver that sweet quilt - hugs are always good. LOL - that is why I have grandsons - they love to sort NaNas bins - well, play in them.

  2. So cute Beth. Ahh, scraps. I think I will put my granddaughter to sorting them when she visits this summer.

  3. my scrap binS look different than yours...

  4. Darling quilt and I just love the quilting on it! My scrap bins are overflowing too. But what I loved was you in your bathrobe going through them. That looks exactly like my robe! Next time I'm similarly dressed for the occasion, I am definitely going through my scraps again. Such fun!

  5. that is a great picture. i love stars in quilts....they speak to me!!!

  6. Cute quilt! Nothing better than playing in the scrap bin!

  7. Such a cute little boy quilt! Love the colors and...well, just everything. Looks like you have plenty of scraps to just keep on sewin.

  8. Love your happy baby quilt. Even move in love with the pic with you and your scraps. How fun is that!?

  9. Look how orderly your scraps are! Wow extra points for that for sure!
    You look as happy as a clam digging through those tiny treasures with your big certainly is picture worthy and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Happy Sewing

  10. This is the 2nd echo-quilting quilt I've seen of yours and I MUST do one! I love the look!

    I am working hard at reducing my stash, but yes, good grief, my scrap bag keeps growing with every project. I love that photo of you! It tells such a story :)

  11. I love your baby quilt - can I steal the idea? So cute!! And I wish I was down to just one scrap bin - I think I have eight right now!! But it's getting better now that we've started cutting them down to smaller size - slowly but surely!!

  12. Very pretty and fresh looking quilt. I think orange and blue are such a cheerful combination. I'm sure you found some inspiration for a future project in your scrap bin.

  13. Pouring the scraps over yourself - looks like something I'd do with my cherished scraps. That quilt - wow, what a winner! And to give it in person, even better!


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