Monday, April 16, 2012

seeing stars

I'd really like to make a couple more stars today.
I'm using some new fun fabric...
and a background of blue that's been in my stash
I think the blue is a kind of seersucker.
It has a little dimension to it...
and I like it.

I'd really like to make some more happy stars...
but every time I go to press a seam....

My ironing board cover accuses reminds me.....
It's a hard working part of my quilting...
IT DESERVES a little LOVE TOO!!!!!


  1. That is great fabric! And a good use of the blue you already had in your stash. hmmm... the ironing board cover. I try to make mine last and last, too.

  2. I love the stars, the blue (my favorite color) looks great with them. I too must give my ironing board cover a little love, it is looking pretty sad.

  3. The same happens to my iron board covers too, so I replace them when I cannot take it anymore after fusing on patches and other repairs. Somehow I seem to wear them out on the same spot all the time. Go figure. My favorite covers are those shiny silvery types that can stand the abuse which comes from pressing tiny patches.

  4. Are those free form stars? They are beautiful and I love the blue!

  5. Cute stars...a hard working ironing board indeed!

  6. Stars are always so nice, aren't they? I love your color choices.


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