Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A finish!

Here's a recent finish.
If you want to see quilts made with similar blocks....
VERY different SETTINGS....
look over here!

Here's the very first block.
I didn't really know what I was signing up for when I began!!!
Isn't that the way quilts are???
They take us on a trip we never planned to go on sometimes! ;)

I NEVER thought I'd make enough of these...
but I finally did.

I AM happy to have used these fat quarters for the backing.
Number ONE..... I didn't have enough of the RIGHT fabric
and second....
They were gifted to me by a friend
so...... I'll think of her EVERYTIME I cuddle with this quilt!

I DO like the swirly quilting.
You can imagine I was CELEBRATING when I got to this point!!!!
I was So HAPPY to be done.....
PIECING those little TINY Half Square Triangles!!!!!

Now it's DONE
and I can MOVE on.....
Next time I decide to border a quilt with
VERY small half square triangles...
I hope you'll STOP ME!!!!


There is STILL time to add your


  1. Love your colorful quilt, Beth. Man! That's a lot of half squares, a lot of work went into this cutie.
    Don't you just find a pieced back on a quilt more interesting than a solid one. I know I do. And more work, too.

  2. It is so beautiful and I love the triangles.

  3. I love it, that is stunning, I'm going to try some hand quilting, so beautiful - Love Froogs

  4. Your quilt is stunning. The border must have been tons of work but well worth it. Quite beautiful!!!!!

  5. Love your HST's, Beth. Worth all your time and trouble. Your quilting looks great on the white background. And I like the way you floated those blocks, too.

  6. Beth, It's gorgeous!! Your pieced border really pulls it all together. And your quilting is fabulous!

  7. It's a pretty quilt and the triangle blocks do make it special. I'm sure I wouldn't have had the patience.

  8. Love your quilt and what a great border.

  9. You always amaze me!!!

  10. All those little HSTs make the perfect finish for your block! I am in awe that you pieced all those little scraps together!

  11. Lovely!! It just sparkles with all those bright fabrics on the white. And the sawtooth borders finish it off brilliantly!!!

  12. Someone has pinned this on Pinterest, b/c I just repinned it today! It's amazing. Truly beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous, Beth. The colors are so vivid and fun! I don't think two pincushions qualifies to be in a parade, but I'll sure enjoy looking at others' pincushions.

  14. Wow! Those triangles in the border look fabulous. You are a trooper to make all of those. Fun, fun, quilt!

  15. This quilt is seriously awesome! Definitely the best of the lot!

  16. these half square triangle blocks and stars are inspiring me....the look so great.

  17. Oh Beth.....I.LIKE.

    I'm all about little tiny pieces.....oh yes!!!

  18. I love your quilt! I just voted for it on 15 minutes play. I could have guessed that it was yours! Its really beautifully made.

  19. A beautiful scrap quilt! You will always enjoy this labor of love!
    Whoop Whoop!

  20. Great quilt! I love the way the sashing makes the blocks look like they are floating. The border is amazing. You deserve a medal for piecing all of those tiny triangles. I like the way you used the fat quarters for the backing.

  21. Your tiny triangles paid off with a gorgeous quilt, and I see a win on Victoria's BOM contest! Congratulations!

  22. Congratulations on this quilt and your win! You got my vote!

  23. Wow! That border is SPECTACULAR! You have to look at it and know that it was worth ALL the effort. You did a wonderful job turning those blocks into a beautiful quilt.

  24. Love your quilt! Love it....rho


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