Friday, January 13, 2012


I like to brag.
Ooooh! Just a little!
I carry the family photo in my purse and
Whip it out now and again.
Recently I've been appoligizing for the
awful plastic cover....
It was looking really RATTY!

I fixed THAT!!!!
Now I"ll pull out this spiffy picture....

AND this one!

All it took was ONE sheet of this
and a 2" wide scrap!

Oooh! I also added a piece of cardboard inside.
These pictures will get a LOT of ABUSE in my bag!!!


  1. Just lovely photos, and what a great idea on how to cover them so easily - and they are pretty to boot!

  2. Like this idea, and of course you are not officially a Grandma if you don't carry around pictures.
    I've always got plenty in my purse to share :0), I love showing off my redheaded granddaughter :0).

    Happy sewing


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