Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went treasure hunting yesterday
at the thrift store.

Aren't these shirts great???
Men's Extra Large.
Look at how they go together?
They will make a GREAT quilt!!!

I also found this LOVELY pedestal piece.

Even my thread looks pretty here.

While cleaning out a closet to make room for new treasures....
I found THIS!!!!
My oldest daughter made this a long time ago.
Isn't it sweet?

Butterflies cut out......
Without the aid of a Machine!!! ;)
and hand stitched down.

I'm keeping this treasure.
I think It's my favorite one!


  1. Mark has given me three or four of his old cotton shirts -- they're WONDERFUL. Can't wait to see what you "whip together" with the treasures you found! :)

  2. Love the butterfly tote; it most certainly is a keeper! I too love thrift treasure hunting - and run out of space...

  3. I can see why the bag is the treasured one!

  4. I love going on treasure hunts. I found a couple of cool shirts too the other day. One is a strip with autumn colors and the other is a fantastic olive green. I love your pedistal plate. The bag is adorable. A real keepsake. Hugs

  5. I agree... sometimes those very best treasures are ones that speak to our hearts. :)

  6. Great finds......can't wait to see a quilt made from those shirts. The butterflies are wonderful.

  7. I never find those goodies when I go treasure hunting. I want to go with YOU sometime. That tote is a real treasure.

  8. You had a great day! Bill always gets tickled at me when I start looking at his shirt (while he's wearing it!) and fingering the fabric - he just tells me I can't have it yet!! They do make great quilts, though!!

  9. I love the shirts, especially the striped one. The pedestal is pretty. It's amazing what you can find at thrift stores!

  10. Yummy know I never go thrift shopping and looks like I am missing out between you and Dana :0)!!

    Happy Sewing, oh yes hang onto that sweet bag from your daughter, I bet you can remember her making it!

  11. I like the idea of using cotton shirts to make quilts. When my uncle passed away, one of my aunts made a small throw quilt size out of some of his shirts for his two daughters. He wore lots of plaid and stripes. the quilts were very nice and my cousins loved having them
    We have a great little thrift store near our home. Very cheap prices (most are 25 and 50 cents)
    Do you look for hundred percent cotton?

  12. the butterfly bag is gorgeous....those mens shirts will be so great together. i was just thinking about the clothes in my closet from ages ago...and what i could do with them if i cut them up and started all over again.

  13. I always look at the men's shirts in charity shops but end up not getting any because I have so much stuff to use already. I did get myself a pair of almost-new shoes and a new-with-tags-on top the other day so I was happy.
    Teresa x

  14. wow - nice! I love the pedestal bowl with your threads - so cute

  15. Wonderful treasures! Does your oldest daughter still create with fabric?

  16. Beautiful finds! The bag is charming.


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