Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2" Love

After joking yesterday about not being able to find
2" squares at my house....
I had many of my blogland friends offering to send me some!!!
soooo Sweet. ;)

I declined their offers...Until....Sarah talked me into accepting some.

IF you would like to add a little LOVE to my
Postage stamp quilt...

Leave a comment and I'll send you my address.
Please send just a few.
Sarah seems to think you can put a few in a standard envelope
with ONE stamp.

I"m telling you...
This blogland neighborhood
warms my heart


  1. Lol! This is so funny because I almost offered, too! I would happily send you a couple 2" sqares if you send me your address :)

  2. I have your address and will send some in the mail. Remember you can't have too much fabric in a quilt!

  3. Love this quilt. I like how you kept the white strip going throughout and still keeping it scrappy.

  4. I'm happy to send some to you - do you want all different, or are repeats okay?
    is it 2" cut? or finished?

  5. I know I used to have your address but please send it to me again. I would be happy to send you a few 2" squares :)

  6. Me too, me too. I want to play. I'll gladly send some. Selina

  7. I will send you some of Leesa Chandler's 'under the australian sun' if you would like? glad to be able to help regards karen

  8. your 2" squares are in the mail box!
    Hope you like them.

  9. I'd love to send a few squares for your quilt from Michigan!

  10. It is funny I am looking a your block and seeing some of the fabric I actually have cut up. It's an amazing quilt. I know you will be so proud once you have it done.

  11. I would love to have some of my 2 inch squares visit your house and make friends with your squares. May I send some?

  12. Would you like some from the end of a dirt road in New Mexico? I would love to contribute! By the time your complete this quilt, it may be a 'coast to coast' quilt with squares from different states! It's really lovely!

  13. I've got some NASCAR fabric I can send you. . . HA HA HA! :)

    I love the quilt. It just gets cuter and cuter!

  14. Beth, that quilt is stunning!! I love the rows of diagonal blocks. I can see you have a lot of offers for squares but if you need more I can send some too!

  15. Do you still need any squares. I just happen to have some already cut.I'd be happy to send some. It's fun to think one's fabric could end up in someone's quilt so far away!


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