Monday, August 1, 2011


Today I'm playing with blue and brown.
2 1/2"x2 1/2".
Another baby quilt.
I told you there are lots of babies this year!!!

I'm using this old bag of scraps.
I LOVE this little bag!!!!
It was SOooo worth cutting
 little 2 1/2" squares here and there
after projects.

I have a Treasure trove of
little squares to use!!!!

I'm making some simple nine patches with color....

and some with white.
See my scrappy whites??
Ooooh! the beauty of that little bag!!!

Here's the beginning.
I even found a fun border fabric that perks it up a bit.
Whoo hoo!!!! For a scrappy Monday!!!!


  1. I also have a big bag of 2 1/2" squares. They are great to have on hand. Great color choices!

  2. Having cut scraps is like having a gold mine in your quilt room! I also keep a baggie of leftover binding to sew together for a scrappy binding for a scrappy quilt. I used it for the first time for binding a Christmas present this year and how nice it was to not have to cut binding but just put the leftover strips together that I wanted!

  3. Beautiful scrappy squares... will make a great baby quilt!

  4. Looking good Beth. Love your scraps.

  5. Great quilt, Beth!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  6. Only a baggy? Nothing easier, yet more captivating than a scrappy 9-patch. Great border print for a baby quilt.

  7. That will be wonderful when you are done.

  8. Beth, I smile big as I see the colors you were playing with yesterday! The colors of my first quilt I made....what a journey and what a fun border for this quilt! COngrats on all of the babies, I look forward to that day someday! Em