Tuesday, March 8, 2011

take three.

My string blocks are all gone.
This is the third and last quilt top using those
LOVELY blue strings!!!
Don't you love that little bit of red in there???
I do too.
I once read that every quilt needs a little red.
I wonder if that's true and who said it????
It stuck with me and I often put a little red in...

Here they are together!!!
Two of them need to grow a little bit....
But don't they look nice??

You'll be seeing these quilts again in the future.
I'm going to fold them up....
Dream about a couple of borders....
and then in May I'll quilt them!!!
After that......
we'll give them away to the graduates in JUNE!!
Woo Hoo!!!

I ran across pictures from the
high school graduates receiving quilts last year and
thought you might like to see some of the kids!!!

Now you know why I LOVE giving these away.
Happy FACES!!!


  1. I do love that touch of red. Look at those happy faces you made with those quilts.

  2. You're right, that pop of red adds to the appeal. I love all your string quilt versions, Beth. Three gorgeous and creative takes that are a clever way to use up strings.

  3. Lucky grads all! Your string quilts look fabulous. Each so different, but equally wonderful.

  4. Those faces say it all. Love how you showed the 3 quilts together - how different each is. What lovely gifts.

  5. All three quilts are wonderful!!! You've done a beautiful thing with your blue strings (along with a touch of red), and I'm sure this year's graduates will be just as happy with their quilts as last year's!

  6. they look fabulous!!! I can't believe your grass is green... I miss that color.... ;-)

  7. This one is such fun to look at! You've outdone yourself with all of these.

  8. I DO love that little bit of red, too :-)

  9. Beth, Youre amazing!! you really churn out the most beautiful quilts!! No wonder there's so many smiles in this post!

  10. They are all three just gorgeous! Great work, and lucky graduates!!

  11. what a great quilt, and I think I might copy the lay-out sometime, as I make a lot of string quilts

  12. It's funny, I was just thinking about your graduate quilts the other day and wondering if you would be making some again this year. You are a blessing to many!

  13. Lovely finale' to your quilts!

  14. They all look great and Yes that is why I love to give my quilts away too.

  15. Those string quilts are great!

  16. Wow, they just keep getting better and better. I think Quilt #3 is my favorite. And yes, love the bits of red in there. That really makes the quilt sing.

    What happy faces - there will be more this year, based on what you've shown us! I think that's a wonderful idea.

  17. Love the quilts. And the smiles.


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