Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jelly Roll saga.

This looks like a jelly roll...doesn't it???
Well it's not.

I've been thinking about this video all week.
It's all about jelly roll races.

I wondered....
"How long does it take to sew a jelly roll together
End to End.
Then sew edges together
over and over again...
until it's a quilt!!!?"
You'll have to watch the FUN video to see what I mean.
I've even been wondering how to have
a jelly roll race in BLOGLAND!!!!

I didn't have a jelly roll here at home.
In fact....I've never owned a jelly roll before.
I really was curious.
I just happened to be at Joann's today.
....I made an impulse buy!!!

The problem is:
It's NOT a jelly roll.
It's only 20. TWENTY. twenty...strips!!!!!
Oh boy!!!
I'm hot and bothered!!
 Jelly rolls are supposed to be 40 strips!!!

I should have known better than to buy something
without planning.
without reading carefully.
without my wits about me...
Do I ever have those anyways???;)

Do I go back and buy another Jelly (NOT jelly roll)???
(So that I'll have the required 40 strips)
Take this one back.
The problem is...
I can't seem to get it rolled up like it was BEFORE!!!!
Oh me!!
Oh my!!!
Can you See where my curiousity got me????


  1. or you could just cut 20 strips from your stash and all's good.

  2. I wouldn't buy another "Jellies" thing esp since you already have two of the ten different fabrics. I'm with Brenda about matching the fabrics/colors from your stash if possible.. or a few 1/8th yds to get the strips you need.

    I have seen "jelly rolls" with only 20 strips in the roll... but I believe Moda's all have 40 strips.

    And you're very right... once you unroll a "jelly roll" there is NO going back!

  3. I have had this exact "jelly" roll from Joann's before. Let me tell you, the strips are not cut well, so you will probably have issues using them, as I did. I no longer buy Joann's pre-cuts as they are never accurate.

  4. I would cut 20 from stash - and as Kera said, check your strips to be sure they are accurate. I don't shop Joann's anymore as I have gotten FQ's that weren't to size, pre-cuts with damage spots, and excessive dye bleeding. I only shop my LQS or better named as I know I am getting the quality I am paying for.

  5. I say go buy another. With a coupon they are only 5 or 6 dollars, so $10-$12 would be cheap for enough strips! Jelly rolls are over $30 at quilt stores.... plus I love those prints! =)

  6. You could just make a smaller quilt, then go back to JoAnn's when you need border/binding/backing fabric. You do have a grandbaby coming.... =)

  7. I've never bought a jelly roll, but the race sounds fun.
    Sorry you were cheated out of the 2nd set of prints - arg

  8. What a crazy idea!!!! I am still dreaming about the Dear Jane quilt that they have on the wall!!

  9. I think you just figure out how to take a "short cut" to win the race, my dear! =)

  10. Had a look at this vid and cant wait to give it a go. Wonder could I put a jelly roll on my birthday list........though that's not for a few months.....It would be a good Easter Gift.....I will leave a note just lying around, you never know what might happen :o)

  11. I agree with Brenda; cut 20 more strips from fabric that goes with your roll, and youre good to go!

  12. Umm, I have one of these and I would love to mail it to you! Say... in return for some yummy fabrics from your stash?

  13. I'm so glad I read your post about JoAnn's jelly rolls! I've been looking at them with thoughts about doing this 'jelly roll race quilt'. Did not realize there were only 2o strips in the pack! Think I'll just cut 40 strips from my stash. All colors. Thank's for your post.

  14. If you choose to Re-roll the Jellie....stack all the strips, fold ends even, tightly start at the salvage edge, roll, straighten some.....I hang the folds off the edge of the table some and they just do their own thing. Tie back up, attach the hang tag and take back with your receipt....NO problem. I made all of my employees a "Jelly Roll" for christmas........used lots of STASH.

  15. Every strips 2,5" can use for a rase quilt, is very good for scrapy strips. I sew one with selfcut strips.


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