Wednesday, March 16, 2011

one a day.

I have a few quilts going at one time.
Do you??
Well...these three quilts I have going don't have a deadline....
They have little pieces...
and I want them to grow.

Sometimes thinking about the number of blocks overwhelms me.
And often times other projects with deadlines get in the way.

Guess what my little pea brain realized this past weekend??

"If I make ONE block a day...
The blocks will add up...
and I'll someday have enough for a quilt!""

I know.
LIGHTBULB moment. :0

I've been making about one block a day on all three of these quilts.

I love all of them equally.

So I'm giving them all EQUAL time.

These are the quilts I'm making for me.
Just because.
So....I"ll make just one block a day (or a few more).....
when I'm able.
And someday...
I'll have enough for a quilt.

One a day.
What a concept!


  1. I'm a 'hopper'. I just have to have several projects going - even if it is only 10-15 mins. on each. Or it could be a day I just am inspired to finish. I just can't string block in spurts, as I dump everything and just cannot leave all that mess laying about - they are an all day or 2 day project.

  2. Brilliant. So simple,and yet I completely forget about it.

  3. Great way of looking at things! Love all your project blocks.

  4. Three great quilts in progress!! I think we all have a few projects going at once right? I know I usually do. I just love your pineapples blocks, that is going to be one great quilt!

  5. I like this idea! I jump from project to project anyway, so why not just plan to do that from the start?

  6. I love having more than one project going at a time. I have my intuition style quilts, my traditional quilts, and my charity quilts all going at once. It is fun to move between styles. I really like your wonky stars. Is there a trick to making them? Mine don't seem to turn out wonky enough, leaving them looking like a traditional star gone slightly wrong.

  7. I like your idea. I will have to try that. Your quilts are going to be awesome. I love all the colors.

  8. I often get that "are we there yet" feeling when making a quilt. I think to myself in these moments that I should make smaller quilts.

  9. one day at a time....please..J......
    that's all i'm asking of you.....

    (you know the rest)

  10. They will be done before you know it! Very fun!

  11. I love those tiny stars...and she going for king sized? Hohoho! But then I thought, maybe so, and she will ask each of the Bumblebeans 15 mins bee contributors for a 12" sqaure of them next month! Arghhh! Laugh is on me!

  12. PS One a day is a great way to go...much better than feeling overwhelmed at the outset and doing nothing!

  13. Oh Beth, I love all 3 too! I must say, the yummy oranges in the pineapples are just gorgeous! Think of it, you'll finish 3 at once!

  14. oh BETH. They are all so pretty and inspiring! I love the bright patchy colors and the white. Very fresh looking.

    I'm only working on one quilt, but I do have lots of sewing projects going! However, I'm going to make a quilt for my son next, and I know I'm going to be browsing your blog for design inspiration.

  15. love all these projects. do me a favor? I'd LOVE to see what these would all look like together in one quilt. try a few different sets and take photos, just for fun.

  16. I love the blocks that you have shared with us! :o)

  17. love your pineapples and star blocks!


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