Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lavender Lament.

I spent ALL morning making a very

I didn't realize how hard lavender is to get along with.
Now I know.

After deciding this was way to blah....

I began adding some white to
the leftover scraps.

I made another quilt top.

My friend who ordered this
will now have TWO to choose from!!!

Maybe contrast will help??
It does.
A little.

I still don't love lavender...
and neither does my camera.
It's hard to take pictures of this color!!!

Are there other difficult colors I need to beware of???


  1. you could use one for the front, and the other for the backing...... no choice in the matter then????

    they look fine to me.... and not boring...


  2. I like the one with the white in it the best. The white gives the eye somewhere to rest and makes the colors look better. I also like the piecing in the second one.

  3. I don't think the lavender quilts are boring... I love purple in any and all shades! These two are soft and look snuggly... I'm sure the lady who receives one will be thrilled!

    (You can always send me the other one... *grin* )

  4. Every time I say that I hate purple I get looks from people like I said that I hate Christmas! It's nice to know that I'm not alone! :o)

    The quilts are very pretty though and I'm sure they will both be loved!

  5. Both quilts are very sweet. Hugs

  6. I think they both look great. You made those purples sing! Your buddy will have a hard choice. The recipient will be so thrilled!

  7. I think they both look nice, especially if she wanted that color- she'll love it. Great job!

  8. I agree with the crowd - they both are nice. I do favor the one with the white, breaks up the color and a little more pop to it. I have trouble working with light purple - dark is fine and I like to mix it with green and yellow or white. Orange is my BIG stymie color.

  9. The one with the white is definitely my favorite - still a lavendar quilt, but more interesting to see the individual pieces better. You did both of these in one morning? Did you already have these pieces cut? You must be a real whiz!

  10. They're both pretty - but the white one does have the edge. It's funny how tedious some quilts can be to work on, isn't it? Hopefully the next will be better. I'll be putting some blocks in the mail to you tomorrow...

  11. It does look hard to photograph. Looks good though.

  12. You could send the pale all-lavender one to Japan. That's a favorite color there. One of my husband's aunts used to wear some shade of lavender in her kimono all the time.

  13. Ah yes! Be careful of purple! I made a purple prom dress for our daughter that showed entirely as royal blue on our home camcorder. It was shocking to see, knowing what the real color was. Maybe that doesn't happen with a camera though...

  14. Yes great idea to put them together. That way you won't be left with a quilt you don't like.
    I think both are nice though!!

  15. White certainly gave it a lift Beth. I know how difficult that colour is. I used lilac/purple for a quilt, but was never happy with the result. Must try adding white if there ever is a 'next time'.

  16. Well I think you handled it well adding some white! :)

  17. I love VeeV and Maria's idea of putting the two quilt tops together as front and back. Then you can always flip the quilt over when you get bored with one side...and you have another fun quilt on the other side. :)

  18. I think they are lovely and will be very appreciated. They one with the white sashing is my favorite tho.....

  19. Not a fan of lavender either, but I do love the higher contrast one!

  20. You could jazz up the 'boring' one with some really cute appliques...big flowers or something!

  21. Your lavendars are all the same shade. Add some deeper purples into the mix. Also I like lavendars, purples, and "that" green together and also love lavendars, purples, and REDS. '
    I'm totally in love w/ purples and put them into most of my quilts!
    Try mixing it UP!

  22. Hmmm, I agree with Anonymous above (25/3) a little darker shades and a little contrast such as green or red would bring these pretty quilts a live. Pick out the colours from the exciting lavendar fabric... is it Kaffe Fassett?
    BTW I've made a couple of the D4P blocks which I've shown on my blog ;) following your tutorial :) Thank you once again for doing it :)


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