Friday, May 14, 2010

yarn bag.

A new bag for a new crochet habit.
I made this using FREE fabric.
Hand-me-down fabric.
Gifted Fabric.
Whatever you like to call it.

This fabric is heavy weight denim.

This plaid is a sort of silk lining fabric.
I sure had fun playing with this fabric!!

When it was given to me...
My wheels started turning...
What am I going to make???

My yarn fits inside.

I also love that wooden crochet hook.
I found that at the thrift store.
Simple pleasures make me so happy!!

Now I can crochet those little dishcloths in style.
I might even graduate to granny squares if...
I can improve my crochet skills!!!

My little end of the week...
I'm adding this to amy's sew and tell.


  1. That's an awesome bag, and it's great you found a use for your gifted fabric! Perfect for your yarn and crochet stuff.

  2. What a great bag and what a wonderful use for gifted fabric! Enjoy!

  3. You will be smiling every time you get out your crochet now. It is a wonderful yarn bag.

  4. So I guess you are hooked then? No pun intended... :o)
    Very cool back and the colors are very summer time!

  5. Nice little bag!! Crochet seems very popular now and a great skill to have!

  6. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  7. Great bag, Beth; I love the solid stripes with the checked lining! Good luck on graduating to granny squares; you can do it, they are not difficult when you just know how.-)

  8. I love the colors. It looks both trendy and old fashioned. Cute!

  9. Wow, such a great bag and free too! It just doesn't get any better than that.

  10. Fun project bag, Beth! The blue check inside is great for 'sliding' those yarn projects into. So, when are you showing the crochet? :-} pokey

  11. Great job! Oooo, let see the crochet!

  12. Oh, another new quilting hooker! In style is right-the bag is great. And I like me some of those nice hooks, too. Have fun!

  13. that silky lining is perfect for a crochet bag! and I too love me a good wooden crochet hook. the yarn has just a bit of stick to them but not too much!


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