Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Two potholders for a swap.
Two blue quilts quilted and bound.
One nine patch pinned...and ready!

One scrappy quilt quilted.
waiting for binding.

One thread catcher seen on Bonnie's blog this morning.
It took me 5 whole minutes!!
Thanks Bonnie.

I just realized I didn't sew the edge seams
to make it more boxy...
I'm going to do that right now!

Another thread catcher.
I tried making this one first,
but it didn't stand up as well as the jeans.
I added a loop and hung it up.
Now I have two!
We'll see which one ends up getting used!!!!
My thread catcher so far has been...
the FLOOR!!
Here's my hint for the day.
This little guy lives right next to my machine!!
Isn't he cute?
I could probably upgrade to a fancier brush..huh?
Everytime I change that bobbin...
I conduct a lint removal operation.
Happy quilting!!


  1. Busy and productive! Makes me itch to get to my sewing machine tonight!

  2. Your productivity amazes me! I'm still working on cutting those 6"x6" squares and just that is taking me forever!

  3. Beth you have been busy. Love all your goodies, but that jeans thread catcher is too cute. Can't believe it only took five minutes. I'll have to check out the tutorial as my floor is also my thread catcher.

  4. You have been busy!! I like your thread catchers! Mine is an empty Kleenex box - handy for catching threads, clippings, etc. and I can throw it away when it gets full, or empty it out and re-use it. I keep a stack of them on hand for when we have sewing group at my house!

  5. Cute cute pot holders. You amaze me!!!

  6. I'm so impressed! Great quilts and I love the potholders too. A thread catcher is a life-saver for sure!

    Jennifer :)


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