Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the only "quilt-worthy" things I did today was add
a flag to my little school house.
There's a lot more to life than quilting...right? Right.
It was good to do that little bit.
That tiny bit of creative energy
kept me a little more sane.
I'm thankful today that I have fabric.
Lots of fabric.
I was able to locate the red stripe and
the blue....sort-of-star-polka-dot piece.
Yeah! for a fabric stash!!!
I've got another kind of stash that's becoming a problem.
Does anyone else have these wonderful quilting magazines?
They are filled with bright pictures,
new fabric lines,
articles about quilt related topics,
advertisements for every quilty thing!!!
They accumulate....
unbelievably fast!!!
Especially when quilt guild meetings offer older ones
frequently for 25 cents apiece!


Yes. I've got a mighty big problem.
The first step is to admit you've got a problem.


I've got a problem.

Then there's the books.
I don't think there's a meeting for this kind of problem...
is there???


  1. Hi, Beth! I don't have a solution for the books, but I do for the magazines - keep a stash of current magazines for browsing through, but go through the older magazines and mark the quilts you want to make in the future. Scan those directions and pics into your computer and save them, then you can donate the older magazines to a senior center or some other worthy place. You'll have less clutter, and an easier way to find that pattern you want!

    And no, there's no meeting!

  2. I am glad to see that I am not the only one with the quilting magazine...I love them...I try not to buy them but I can't seem to stop...But I do share them with my daughter who is getting in to quilting. See my blog I also talk about the magazines....Keep reading them...they have alot of ideas.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Beth. I am literally laughing out loud at your post! You and I are peas in a pod! Should we start a group.....QBAMCA. I should show you my magazine and book stash....we could weigh it and see which one is bigger. I actually am not buying mags as much any more...but books......hmmmmm.....there are a few I have my eye on now!

  4. Lol, the stacks of magazines really are a problem to me as well. I started bringing 10 to every quilt related meeting in August last year, but first I had to go though them to see if I wanted to keep them. At some point I didn't have time to look through old magazines anymore (I even have a stack on new ones that I never seem to find time for), so I stopped. I did get rid of approx 150 magazines this way though, and the quilt guild, -group and -board were very happy with their free magazines.

  5. I've actually started giving away some of my old books on my blog.


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