Monday, May 24, 2010

quilt festival time!

Before blogging there was quilting.
Before blogging there were life changing events.
This is my reminder of that.
I made this a couple of years ago after
we adopted a very sweet little 3 year old girl.

She came along with some physical problems
and we didn't know at the time
how much progress she would make.
You can see I used some scraps.
I love using those up!!
I bought a little tiny piece of fabric
with the alphabet letters.
Then....I just made some
wonky log cabin blocks beginning with that
little strip of black.
This was also one of my first
free motion quilted quilts!!

My little girl has surprised us all!!

And we're so happy we have this
little happy, happy girl at OUR house!
I'm adding this to the quilt festival.
There will be a LOT of quilts to see this week!!
Have fun!!


  1. Congrats on a beautiful quilt and a beautiful daughter. She is so blessed to have parents that love her and a mom that made a quilt just for her.

  2. j'aime beaucoup les couleurs pas communes ,félicitations

  3. This is a sweet post, Beth. You are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

  4. What I am enjoying so much from this festival is seeing quilts like this, using fabrics I either don't have or wouldn't think of using together. But it works and is inspiring. Thank you!

  5. congratulations on the quilt and on your beautiful daighter

  6. what a wonderful story!! i love the quilt, lots of scraps make for such a great quilt! congratulations on pieces of the puzzle all falling together into the right place!

  7. Great story, beautiful quilt, wonderful little girl!!! She looks so happy!!

  8. Love this! you know you made me teary.... I recall that first day mine was MINE! treasure that preciousness!

  9. What a beautiful story behind the quilt.

  10. Beth, I love the picture of your precious daughter!!! She looks very happy! I think this is one of the prettiest log cabin quilts I have ever seen. I love the cute alphabet fabric and the wonkiness of the other fabric strips! What a wonderful quilt story!

  11. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

  12. I love using scraps up too, this came out really wonderful. I'm glad it has so many great memories for you.

  13. I've loved your blog--I'll be back. Just Sunday I started some blocks from a packet I had of alphabet letters. Dutifully I cut them up and am making a very straight quilt using 30's fabric--even had to go buy some as I don't have any--and don't know why I bought those letters! But, my point is that your quilt and it's wonkiness really has pizzaz!

    Super fun quilt, wish I'd have seen it before I started mine--the outcome would have been totally different. :) Truly I am trying to think outside the box! Your quilt is a fun example of how that can be done and looks great!

    Your story of your daughter is so sweet!and she really does look happy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a cutey you have there....quilt AND your daughter!!! Loved your sharing!!!

  15. Beautiful quilt and so sweet story!

  16. I'm so glad that you visited my blog so I'd be brought to yours. This dramatic quilt is made with love, and your sweet daughter is blessed to have such a special mom. Thank you for this heartwarming story.

  17. I really like this quilt. Thanks for sharing your story.

  18. how beautiful...she is adorable. i love your quilt

  19. beautiful story... beautiful quilt!

  20. wonderful way to use up your scraps while making a darling quilt. i love the abc middles. lucky girl to get to come to your home and a momma who quilts!!

  21. What a lovely quilt. I have been collecting letter fabric with the intent of doing something like this, thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Can't go wrong with off-center logcabins.
    Thanks for opening your heart & home.
    Come see my antique quilt entries

  23. Scrappy quilts are the best! Yours is so cheerful and happy.


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