Thursday, April 22, 2010

trash art.

Here's what I've been puttering around with
the last couple of months.
And I mean puttering.
I had a germ of an idea.....
But no idea how to execute it!!
I did have ideas....
Do you ever have ideas?
Ideas can be frustrating.
Sometimes they keep you awake at night.

Ideas can also be exhilarating!!

Ideas can work...
and sometimes they
don't work.

If I ever make a little art quilt with clothing tags again...
I know some things I won't do!!

AND I know some things I want to Try!!
right now I'm out of clothing tags...
so I guess I won't be doing this project for a while!!!

This little 20"x30" piece is
headed to the local art show this weekend.

Just need to sew down that binding on the back...
I'm finishing this one JUST in the nick of time!!!


  1. Wow!! That is incredible!! I love it! :) I might have to copy you on that. Great idea for artwork, how creative!!! I'm impressed.

  2. It is awesome Beth! I give you the Blue Ribbon right now!!

  3. Beth, this is very cool!!! I'm sure it will be well received at the art show! Good luck!

  4. That is truly a piece of art! I love crows and I have never seen a picture done like this with clothing labels. Nice job!

  5. Oh my goodness! Is this awesome!! I have always lamented throwing away those woven ribbons that come on men's shirts. Now, I know that you really could do something with them. This is a wonderful idea. One of my guild's challenge project for this year is to make a quilt that is from something recycled. Maybe I need to start collecting labels!!

  6. That is so cool, Beth! Where did you get all those tags from?
    I know what you mean about ideas keeping you up at night.-)

  7. I love this! I'm collecting labels but have no idea how I will use them.

  8. Your creativity just blows me away. I'm predicting some day you are going to be famous in quilt circles and I will be able to say, "I was a blogging friend of hers way back when!"

  9. I am not surprised it won....I just adore it....Love all the quilts you have been getting done too....the amish basket is so beautiful with your hand quilting!


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