Saturday, April 3, 2010


This post is for Eva and anyone else who would like to
know how I added scallops to my red and white quilt.

I pulled this small quilt top out of my pile.
It is destined for a donation since it's is not my taste.
I just hope someone out there in this big, wide world
will think it's pretty.
All of this fabric ended up at my house because...
let's face it....
I never say NO to fabric!!!

It was SOOO simple to put together.
I just need time to quilt it.
Today I'm using it only for demonstration purposes!
I am NOT committing to the quilting....yet!

The first step in scallops involves a long piece of paper.
I taped a bunch of pieces together and made sure it was
the SAME length as my quilt!!

Then I folded that long paper in half....
In half again.....
In half again....
Until it's the right size.
What's the right size?

Any size scallop you want.
There are no rules!!
My scallop today turned out to be 6 1/2" wide.

Use a plate, bowl and anything round.
Draw a gentle curve on the edge of that paper.


Now to mark it!
There are so many marking tool options!!!
I will use a chalk pencil on this fabric.

This is how I lay my paper down for the next side of the quilt.
I just turned the paper onto the next side
and began marking the curves from that point.

What if the next side of your quilt is not the same length?
Very good question.
If the scallops don't match...
Fudge a little!
Make the scallops a little bigger or smaller.
Or make some adjustments at the corners!
No one will be measuring your scallops.

Here's a visual of the corner for you
since my chalk pencil
does NOT want to be photographed!

You've got your quilt marked.
Now what?

Quilt it.....
Remembering that you have some scallops marked in there!
When Your quilt is all quilted....
THAT's the time to CUT!!

You will have some lovely scallops.
Be careful.
Those edges are cut on the bias and tend to
stretch out!
get the binding on there
and try to be gentle with that cut edge as you go!


  1. If you stitch on the chalked scallop markings BEFORE you cut the scallops, the stitching will help stabilize the curve. You'll still need to be careful but won't need to be paranoid. :-)

  2. Thank you Pirate! Isn't it fun to put our heads together?? :)

  3. Thank You Beth!!
    .....and pirate....

    you're the sweetest!!!


  4. You're welcome, Beth. I've done a number of scalloped quilts myself and thought I'd pass along a tip that certainly helped me. :-)

  5. That is a pretty cool technique! Have you ever seen the EZ Scallop Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman? I demo and sell them across the country and love it. I need to get a tutorial up on my blog for it. You've inspired me dearie!

  6. I'm so glad I saw this TUT on your sidebar Beth...I have a quilt I am going to scallop the top and bottom edges....the thing is...I would have cut out the scallops BEFORE I quilted thanks for the heads up!!!


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