Thursday, April 1, 2010

pinned and ready!

Here it is!
Pinned and ready to be quilted!!
Another spiral log cabin...just a little bigger than
the last one I made. This one is a twin size.
I just hope I'll remember to take a good picture
when it's done!!!

Today I was kicking myself...
very hard....
for forgetting to take a picture of the
little peter rabbit baby quilt I finished.

I was driving home from the post office when...
Oh No!!!
I forgot to take a picture!!!
Now It's too late!

Maybe the new mother will do me a big favor
and take a picture!
Maybe I'll even get a picture with a baby...
Now that would be nice!
I'm adding this post to Amy's sew and tell.


  1. What a cool quilt! I hate when I ship something off and realize I forgot to take a picture. I was so excited (and stressed) about Christmas I think I forgot to take picture of about 10 projects! Hopefully you'll get a cute picture of the baby and the quilt.

  2. I like your spiral 9 patch, the fabrics are great.
    Beth, why is it called a 9 patch? I can't see them. (sorry if that's a silly question)
    :-} pokey

  3. Thanks Pokey...You're right. It's not a spiral 9 patch!! I went back and changed it to "spiral log cabin".

  4. I've never seen a spiral log cabin before, but this is just awesome! I particularly like it in blacks and whites, it is just so pretty.

  5. i love the spiral log cabin! it looks so cool! great finish

  6. Love the spiral...

    i do the same.....worked so hard...and THEN forget to take tons of pictures......argh...


  7. This is one of the most striking quilts I've ever seen.

    I'm totally in love with it !

  8. It sounds like such a great quilt. Now you'll have a picture of the baby enjoying the quilt. How cute will that be!

    The black and white spirals are beautiful.

  9. Love these spirals and the black and white. Really nice!

  10. Love the black and white fabrics and this is such a cool pattern, very effective.

  11. Love the fabrics and love the pattern! I'll have to try this:)

  12. Great design to use for a masculine quilt. Not that this one wouldn't be very suitable on a female's bed . . . but it's just that it's often hard to find a design when you want something to look strictly masculine. Love your color selection, too. Good for male or female. (How was that for a terribly convoluted comment??)

  13. Very pretty! I've never done a spiral log cabin. Oh, no! Another quilt for the "someday" list :)

  14. Your fabrics really work with that block. Nice work!

  15. What a gorgeus quilt. Love it! I really like the pattern.

  16. Beth, I love this spiral log cabin!!! Way cool! Thanks for sharing!


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